EV-lution specializes in Off-grid solar solutions. We make custom battery packs to meet your needs and can include wind and hydro power (when possible). Most other solar installers will just use off-the-shelf solutions that might not meet your needs. We also do On-grid solutions which will help lower your power bills and protect you from power outages.

We are a proud member of SEANS (Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand)

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Dunedin Solar

A Lovely Solar Install on a Garage Near Dunedin.

Dunedin Solar

We have over 10 years of experience installing solar panels in the Dunedin area and further afield around Otago.

We do Off-grid, On-grid, or maybe you want solar on something else. Whatever your solar needs, give us a call to see how we can help.

We also do other power generation options, from hydro and wind. These extra options depend on location and what you need.

From the centre of Dunedin to remote pacific islands we have installed solar all over the place.

3 Phase Off-grid inverters

A 3 Phase Off-Grid Solar Install.

Off-Grid Solar

Whether you just want independence from the grid, getting mains connected costs too much, or you are just unable to get the mains connected due to location; we can work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Single phase, three phase, hydro, and wind we have experience finding solutions that meet your needs. We will work with you to find out your needs and design a solution to meet them.

Solar install in Dunedin centre

Solar Install on a Dunedin Business.

On-Grid Solar

On-grid solar allows you to lower your power bills but have the reliance of the power mains. At a time when power prices are continuously rising, why not future-proof your home or business with some solar to offset the cost.

Put excess power back onto the grid to lower your bills, and with our battery solutions keep yourself running even when there is a power cut.

Wind and Solar Install Near Waitati

Alternative Generation

Most other solar installers don't want to deal with other power generation options, but we believe that if there is an option it should be looked into. Live in a somewhat windy place, or have a creek running through your property you might be able to have alternative power generation.


SEANZ Memeber

We are a proud member of SEANS (Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand).
This means we will:

  • scope out the project including your electricity demand usage

  • recommend the best technology to use and implement

  • define external requirements - resource consents, building permits etc if required

  • design the system

  • install and implement the system

Waitati Solar Install

Waitati Solar Install

Southern Clams Solar Install

Southern Clams Solar Install

Omarama Holiday House

Omarama Crib

Peel Forest Lodge Solar Install

Peel Forest Lodge Solar Install