Electric Shotover Jet Boat Prototype Boat

Part of the Battery Pack for the Electric Shotover Jet Prototype

Custom Battery Packs

We put together custom battery packs to meet your needs.

Using top quality Lithium batteries we put together packs for Off-grid, On-grid, Electric Cars, Boats, and more. Have a talk with us about finding a solution to your needs.

16kwh Battery for a Grid-Connected House in Process of Being Installed.

Battery Packs for Houses

Whether you are installing solar or just want a backup power supply in case of power outages, why not talk to us about getting a custom battery pack installed?

Don't let power outages affect your work, hobbies, or home life - get a battery pack to keep yourself going.

Honda Civic electric car18kwh

Honda Civic Rebuild 18kwh

Batteries for Electric Cars

Whether you want us to help convert your car to electric or just need a custom battery pack for one you are doing yourself - talk to us to see how we can help get you what you need.

We have converted a bunch of cars over the years. We even converted a jet boat as a prototype at one point.

Small 38V Battery Pack for on a Boat

Small 38V Battery Pack for on a Boat.

Custom Battery Packs

Need a battery pack for something else? We make custom packs to power things no matter where they will be used. From houses to cars to boats - talk to use about your needs.

Nissan Leaf battery packs being replaced

New Nissan Leaf Batteries Being Installed

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacements

Most Nissan Leafs coming into NZ are second-hand, and already have some battery degradation. We have been doing a lot of battery replacements lately for them. If you feel your Nissan Leaf is no longer getting you as far as you want - come and talk with us about replacing the battery pack. We can even upgrade your car to have a battery pack with better capacity than a normal Leaf.

We also repurpose the old batteries from the Nissan Leafs as house power packs.

Custom Battery Pack in Process of being made

Custom Battery Pack in Process of Being Made.

Old Nissan Leaf Batteries being reused

Old Nissan Leaf Batteries in the Process of Being Reused.

Batteries Being Installed in Electric Hilux

Batteries in Process of Being Installed in Our Hilux Ute.

Old Nissan Leaf Batteries reused to power house

Old Nissan Leaf Batteries Reused to Power House.