We specialize in solar installations, custom battery packs, battery management solutions, electric car conversions, and Nissan Leaf battery replacement.
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We provide great solar options for both home and industry. Whether it is Off-Grid or On-Grid we design a solution for your needs. We can also do other generation options such as wind and hydro when possible if those fit your needs.

Off-grid solar install near port otago

Off-Grid Solar Install Near Port Charmers.

Battery In the process of being made

Custom Battery Pack Being Built


Don't let power outages shut you down. EV-lution are suppliers of the highest quality lithium batteries in New Zealand. Custom made lithium battery packs for your needs. Off-grid, on-grid, or on the go we will build a solution for your needs.

Electric Car Conversion

Have a car that you really want to keep using, but petrol getting too expensive, or any other number of reasons to go electric; why not convert it to electric. Give us a call and see what we can do in regards to converting it.

Mercury Energy's Evie

Mercury Energy's Evie That We Worked on.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement in Progress

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement in Progress.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement

Most Nissan Leafs coming into NZ are second-hand, and already have some battery degradation. If you feel your Nissan Leaf is no longer getting you as far as you want come to talk with us about replacing the battery pack with our certified battery solution.

Sustainable Energy

We believe the future is in green renewable energy. To this, most of our company cars are electric, and are in the process of phasing out the last of our none electric cars. We work hard to bring renewable energy solutions (solar, wind, hydro, and battery packs) to our customers.

We are a proud member of SEANS (Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand)

Solar Install

One of our Solar Installs.